The pool calculator

Choose the right formula for your pool

Do you have a salt pool? A chlorinator? Maybe you have a copper ionizer, or you're using the BBB method? Perhaps your pool has a special mineral system, or you're more interested in phosphates, or your pool is literally unique.

We can, theoretically, have a formula for all of these situations. We're still early, so if you don't see yours yet, you can build your own!

Learn more in the forums, or find a recipe here.

Customize your units

Grams, ounces, gallons, liters -- even custom scoop sizes for each chemical.

You can also adjust the concentration of active ingredient, to minimize headaches & maximize confidence.

It's a great poolside app

When building this app, we started with the poolside experience, and designed outwards from there.

We obsessed over the feel of the sliders, the number of decimal-places shown, the UX for changing units, and a lot of little things... not because we measured that it will increase revenue by X%... but because we just want to build a good app.