The pool calculator

Why use pooldash?

Honestly, it's not for everybody.
I made PoolDash for curious people who love their pools.

It's free for 1 pool. The full unlock costs $20/year for unlimited pools & charts in the app.

See the formulas

Anyone who pretends like their magic algebra is a trade-secret is probably trying to sell you an overpriced chemical.

You can view the parts of the code used to calculate chemical dosing.


Recipes for every pool

There are a bunch of sanitization systems out there. It's difficult to support them all, because chemistry is complicated.

Recipes help that problem. See if we have one that suits you, or make your own!

View recipes


PoolDash is still a fledgling side-project, so we rely on the forum for new feature ideas & user feedback.

Don't be shy, say hi!

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What's new?

Developer Update 3


October 26, 2020

  • Custom Scoops
  • New wall-type: Galvanized Steel
  • Auto-updating recipes
  • The app remembers the last units used for each chemical & defaults to that in the future (unless you use scoops)
Watch the video→Read the forum post →

Choose the right recipe for your pool

Do you have a salt pool? A chlorinator? Maybe you have a copper ionizer, or you're using the BBB method? Perhaps your pool has a special mineral system, or you're more interested in phosphates, or your pool is literally unique.

We can, theoretically, have a recipe for all of these situations. We're still early, so if you don't see yours yet, you can build your own!

Learn more in the forums, or find a recipe here.

Customize your units

Grams, ounces, gallons, liters -- even custom scoop sizes for each chemical (coming soon).

You can also adjust the concentration of active ingredient, to minimize headaches & maximize confidence.

It's a great poolside app

When building this app, we started with the poolside experience, and designed outwards from there.

We obsessed over the feel of the sliders, the number of decimal-places shown, the UX for changing units, and a lot of little things... not because we measured that it will increase revenue by X%... but because we just want to build a good app.